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The Teaching Assistant College will be holding events for Teaching Assistants throughout the year, these events will consist of workshop sessions relating to different aspects of being a Teaching Assistant...

Next Course
Louise’s trip to Luxembourg Observing Candidates

November 7th, 2013

What a warm welcome I received last week on a visit to the International School of Luxembourg. During the 3 day visit I was able to get to know 20 of the TAs supporting in primary and early years. For the first 2 days I provided small group tutorial support for those students who are completing the [...]

Teaching Assistants Making the Difference

June 4th, 2013

Where would a classroom be without a really great TA? Ask any teacher and they will tell you that the classroom just wouldn’t be the same without them. However, a great teaching assistant requires training. Quality training ensures that TAs know how to be effective in the classroom and make a real difference to teaching [...]

Cache City And Guilds

The TA College visits Jakarta

Published on October 1st, 2010

           British International School- Jakarta

We were delighted to visit the school to undertake training on the 20th & 21st Spetember 2010.
All of the school’s Learning Support Assistants from the Foundation Stage to Year Six joined with those employed within the Student Services Faculty for this intensive two day professional development programme, focussing on a variety or areas relating to the role of a LSA.

The sessions were a mixture of lecture, tutorial and practical application and afforded all delegates the opportunity to discuss and question key components of their role in a professional context. The LSAs received specific training in how to work as an effective Learning Support Assistant, how to support bilingual learners and how to provide additional challenge for our most able students.
The Foundation Stage and Year One LSAs also received specific tuition in the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum document and how they can effectively support the assessment process. 
During the sessions the LSAs were informed of the core competencies relating to current UK legislation alongside the key occupational standards for an LSA.

The TA College are delighted that BIS value highly the role which their LSAs play in supporting learning within the classroom. 
To further develop our partnership, a staff development meeting was held for all the teaching staff providing an opportunity to learn about how best they can utilise the skills of their LSAs.

  ‘The workshop made me realise the importance of my role in school and has given me confidence to work more closely with the teacher’ 

The school advise us that the two day training event is just the beginning of a process of investment in the individual development of each of their LSAs and the invaluable contribution they make to the learning of all their children. The CPD is a central component of the school improvement planning and they aim to raise standards of attainment and achievement for all their students.  

Some other reactions we received:

‘ I learned a lot, I thoroughly enjoyed the training’ 

‘The workshop made me realise the importance of my role in school and has given me confidence to work more closely with the teacher’ 

‘I received lots of ideas and information of how to be a more effective LSA’

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