Intl. School of Luxembourg

International School of Luxembourg (ISL)

ISL is an international school situated in the heart of Luxembourg teaching children from preschool through to grade 12. ISL focuses on lifelong learning in a multi- national setting. ISL has a strong mission statement which focuses on ensuring that children receive an outstanding education in a caring environment.

ISL and the Teaching Assistant College have been working together for the last four years; during this time we have facilitated training focusing on a number of key areas which have included ‘the TA and teacher working together’,‘behaviour management’ and ‘differentiation in the classroom’.

The most recent training during October was put together for the lower school TAs and covered a number of key areas pertinent to differentiation. These areas included: differentiated instruction in general, principles of differentiation, implementing differentiation in the classroom, thinking skills and differentiated questioning.

The workshop focused on theory and practical exercises which got the TAs actually differentiating pieces of work. The day was really interactive during which the TAs were able to share their own best practice.


David Walker, Lower School Deputy Principal 

‘The partnership that ISL has forged with the TA College over the last three years has led to a significant change for our twenty two teaching assistants. They have been exposed to purposeful, focused, high quality and specific training to meet their needs. The one day training workshops have allowed our teaching assistants to really focus on important aspects of their work. They have been able to apply and take back to their classrooms many new skills and understandings which they did not previously have.

The training has allowed them to work together and further forge professional relationships in the group collectively for their professional development. The training has also inspired more than half of the teaching assistants to take on the Level 3 training with the TA College which a number have already completed. These two aspects of, one day workshops  and level 3 distance learning have meant that we have raised the professional bar for our teaching assistants across the whole Primary school and so had a significant impact on student learning’.