BIS Vietnam

BIS Vietnam

Since 2012 BIS Vietnam have worked alongside The Teaching Assistant College to focus on the development of their TA team across their Ho Chi Minh Campuses and more recently their BVIS campuses in both Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi.

The TAs across the campuses are enthusiastic and keen to learn new ideas, share their thoughts and get involved in the training sessions.

The project with BIS Vietnam originally started with INSET for the team to build consistency, however two of the campuses also choose between 2 and 6 TAs each year to start a QCF qualification in addition to Rosy Clark (Head of BVIS in Ho Chi Minh) choosing to use the Training Resource File for the Lead TA to deliver to maintain an atmosphere of continued reflection and regular short burst of training.

BIS Vietnam comment on the impact the training has on their TAs, the effectiveness of their work in the classroom as well as their confidence in supporting teaching and learning.

We’re looking forward to going back to work with them again in January 2016.