Cann Bridge School

Cann Bridge School

Introduction and Background:

Cann Bridge contacted us wanting some bespoke training for their TAs. They're a special school, catering for children and young people up to the age of 16, based in Plymouth, with a large TA force - over 50 in total, for 80 students. Much of the TA training done previously has been in-house, so we were invited to deliver a 1 day session on Differentiation and Personalised Learning. 

What we found out:

Anne received a very warm welcome from Senior Management and the TAs, and it was immediately clear to me that the TAs at Cann Bridge are a very committed and enthusiastic team. There was a mixture of new TAs, specialist TAs and external TAs on the day, so it was a fantastic opportunity for the TAs to learn from each and share practice. Sometimes it can be really beneficial to give practitioners the opportunity to step back and consider their work, and the work of other people, in order to move forwards.

How we helped and services provided:

We had a really interactive day, discussing what personalised learning actually means and how this relates to the classroom - some great ideas were shared, and the TAs were really creative in developing plans and activities to suit the needs, age and stage of development of the children. One of the big focuses was on adapting a Year 1 curriculum to suit children of different ages, and some great, practical activities were thought of across the age ranges. Another big focus was on tracking progress, and this is something the SMT had specifically asked me to look at. Each pupil at the school has a progress file, and we considered the types of annotations and records that should be made, and the information that should be included in order to make these meaningful. This proved to be a really purposeful activity, and some of the ideas were excellent, with everyone leaving with a clear sense of what they needed to do.


This was a great day, with an excellent team of TAs. The TAs all took away strategies and ideas that they can put into practice, and got the chance to share ideas, and it was fantastic to see such a genuine commitment to developing themselves and improving the support offered to the children.