West Lea

West Lea

Introduction and Background:

Following our visit to West Lea at the end of last year, we were invited back to deliver a Teachers and TAs Working Together workshop for the whole staff team. We had identified this as an area for development in our Action Plan last year, as although we saw lots of great practice across the classrooms, there were some areas of inconsistency so we wanted to provide the teachers and TAs with a chance to develop their own systems and procedures to ensure this isn't the case moving forwards.

How we helped and services provided:

This was a really fun day - we had over 80 people in the room! Luckily we had the brilliant Head Teacher, Sue, on hand with a whistle for crowd control! I love delivering this day, as one of the biggest pieces of feedback we get is that teachers and TAs don't actually get a lot of time together to discuss some really important issues - how they're going to manage behaviour, clarifying responsibilities in regards to assessments, discussing how they're going to communicate in a busy school day and setting out expectations.

After initial discussions on the role of the teacher and TA, and what makes a great teacher/TA relationship, the teams came together to discuss what they were currently doing in the classroom and how this could be improved. Lots of conversations were had around observing students and monitoring progress, and the TA feedback sheet we provided went down really well. We also played some excellent games which went down a treat, and will even be making an appearance in some classrooms!

Finally, the teams came together and devised an Action Plan, setting out systems they were going to implement to improve teacher/TA communication, and ensure consistency within the classroom. 


An absolutely brilliant day! One of the highlights was hearing the discussions at break and lunch time - despite it being just after the summer and having lots to catch up, everyone was talking about the training, and how they were going to support students moving forwards. If there was ever an indicator of a dedicated, passionate team, that was it. I'm really excited to see how the teams get on with their new systems in place.