How thinking works

How thinking works: 5 Strategies to Enhance Independent Learning

Could creating independent thinking be the secret to real independent learning?

To encourage children to become independent learners we should encourage them to really engage in their activities, consider how they feel about the content, what it really means to them and how it changes their learning about what they already know.

Here are 5 strategies to encourage children to become independent thinkers in everyday learning tasks:

  1. Encourage children to think about and discuss their motivation levels. Develop strategies to build excitement in a learning activity.
  2. Provide activities for children to solve real-world problems with purpose, to bring learning to life.
  3. Engage children in reviewing their work at regular intervals during a task to enable them to improve their work during a task.
  4. Talk about thoughts and feelings, encourage children to think about different perspectives and opinions.
  5. Encourage children to ask lots of questions and take ownership of their learning. What do they want to find out? What resources would they choose to help them complete a task?

These ideas are based on Metacognition, an awareness and understanding of one's own thought processes.

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