Haileybury Almaty School

This week we were paid a visit by Louise Fox, a Teacher/Trainer who works for a bespoke Teaching Assistant College in the UK. The purpose of her visit was in the capacity of consultant to further enhance the role of our teaching assistants at Haileybury School.

On day 1 Louise observed TAs working in the classroom as an extension of the teacher, supporting all aspects of teaching and learning.

On day 2 Louise provided the TAs with specific training to develop their learning skills in order to support the children to become more independent learners, therefore helping to improve each child's achievement in the classroom. The Teaching Assistants received training on the importance of personalised learning and the skills required to ensure that children are able to reach their full potential.

Later in the day the teaching assistants led presentations on various aspects of teaching and learning. 'What it means to be an Amazing TA': supporting all aspects of teaching and learning, behaviour management, differentiated questioning skills, support strategies to meet the needs of EAL learners and the importance of reflective practice and continued professional development.

Thank you so much for the warm welcome and hospitality shown to me during my recent visit to Haileybury School. I was extremely impressed by the overall standard of the TAs, many of whom I was able to observe in practice working alongside the teacher in the classroom.  The TAs demonstrated a range of excellent teaching and communication skills; were motivated, enthusiastic and showed a genuine interest and commitment to each and every child in the classroom. The outcome of both days was extremely positive. Haileybury is fortunate to have such a dedicated and able team of TAs working with teachers to get the best possible outcome from their students. Thank you very much, Louise Fox.