Lochinver House School

Introduction and Background: 

I was asked by Lochinver House deliver a workshop on Quality Questioning for the pre-prep teachers and TAs, making suggestions as to how questions can be used to support participation and inclusion, and as a means of differentiation and extension for children. Questioning is one of my favourite topics, and I believe such a useful but often overlooked strategy. We ask questions all the time in the classroom, almost as naturally as breathing, but it's not very often we get the chance to take a step back and consider the types of question that we're asking, why we're asking them and what we're learning from them. 

How we helped and services provided:

Lochiner had a packed INSET day planned, so this was only a short session but we managed to get a lot in! We were able to reflect on when, how and why we ask questions before thinking about what questions we ask. It can actually be really difficult to think of good quality questions on the spot for children, so we talked about using a condensed version of Bloom's taxonomy in order to prompt different kinds of questions and also building them into planning so that teachers and TAs are asking the same types of questions. In teaching teams, each group developed a set of questions that they can use in their classrooms to increase participation, assess knowledge and understanding, and extend and challenge learners. 


This was an absolutely fantastic session - the level of discussion and the quality of the ideas were excellent, and some really positive, realistic suggestions were taken back to the classroom. I can't wait to see the difference that can be made! 


Thank you so much for such an interesting and valuable INSET yesterday.  Having already spoken to several members of staff, I know they found the session extremely valuable and one member of staff said everyone came out, ‘buzzing’!