Kew College

The training I delivered at Kew College comprised a morning session with the TAs followed by an afternoon session with both Teachers and TAs working together.

The purpose of the morning session was primarily to motivate the TAs, to present a fresh start at the commencement of their new school year. Kew College wanted to ensure that new members of staff felt confident and a part of the team.

The TAs were extremely enthusiastic. They appreciated the time given, to share practice with other colleagues and to involve new members of staff in their discussions. We focused on being an effective TA, the importance of communication and how to improve the support they, as TAs, can give in the classroom.

The afternoon session was beneficial for both TAs and Teachers, affording them the opportunity to communicate, interact and organise for the forthcoming term.

Our main focus was to develop an action plan for the new academic year, with input from both a TA and a Teacher perspective. I am looking forward to re-visiting the school, to find out just how their action plan has helped during the term.

The feedback I received was extremely positive with the Teachers and TAs finding the workshop productive, emphasizing, as it did, the importance of communication and team working.