Parsons Green Prep School

The training workshop I delivered at Parsons Green was an afternoon session with their TAs. The main aim of the workshop was to improve both the support provided in the classroom and the learning activities.

At Parsons Green I had only a small group of TAs. This afforded a great opportunity for discussion and for us to look at a number of case studies. It allowed the TAs to speak freely and to share great practice with their colleagues. I wanted to ensure that the TAs were motivated for the start of the new academic year.

The focus was on supporting learning activities and social organisation, promoting confidence in the support the TAs provide. They found this extremely useful and clearly benefitted from the small group size.

We started the afternoon by “creating the perfect TA” and then went on to consider the number of roles and responsibilities that a TA is required to undertake on a daily basis. The group really took to this task and created amazing pictures of “Superstar TAs”.  We then focused on a number of case studies related to the support in learning activities.

The TAs at Parsons Green, whilst demonstrating a range of existing skills and knowledge were, at the same time, open to new ideas and reflection on current practice. It was clear, from my subsequent discussions with them, that all the TAs in the group were excited at the prospect of utilising the information gleaned from the workshop in the classroom. They were especially enthusiastic about our fantastic feedback ideas!  

The feedback we received, both verbal and through our evaluation forms, was excellent; the group particularly enjoyed the practical approach to the workshop and the areas covered.

I hope to visit the school again in the near future.