Mosaic by Bluewave

"When schools make significant improvement, it begins with the people on the ground, the individuals who know the children best, the people who can make the small, daily breakthroughs."

"This doesn’t happen by accident though. As we know, success leaves clues and over the years of working alongside schools in supporting them in making these breakthroughs it is clear the changes come from auditing TA practice, observing the gaps, working out a structured, cost-effective approach to fill the gaps that really do make the difference."

Eva Cartwright, Founder and Principal of The Teaching Assistant College

Would you like to improve outcomes for learners? Would you like significantly higher results?

Perhaps you might like to see Teaching Assistants targeting individual students, monitoring and building progress?

It’s remarkably easy to make these changes, but you have to know what the changes need to be and how to go about implementing them. This programme will help you to do just that. Sign up today and see the impact for yourself!

Our new Audit Programme includes:

  • A range of tools to assess and analyse the current situation.
  • Projects to develop how teachers work with TAs.
  • Tools for evolving your TA team.

How does it work?

​Begin your journey of Maximising the Impact of Teaching Assistants in your school with an initial process of self-evaluation before utilising the right projects/action plans for your needs. Consult with the experts, The TA College, at any point through the process for hands on guidance, challenge and support.

Invest as little as £30 + VAT or purchase the full package and qualify for a 10% discount.

What is Mosaic?

Bluewave have developed a membership programme to enable schools to streamline their improvement process. Inside Bluewave SWIFT you will find of products & services, strategies & initiatives and tools & templates to allow you to build your school improvement picture.

To access all this become a Mosaic member now.