Tanglin Trust School Singapore

12th &13th April 2018

We were invited to the Tanglin Trust School in Singapore to deliver INSET training for Early Years and Key Stage 1 Teaching Assistants.

What an amazing place. The school and staff were very welcoming and such good great people to work with. There was a real sense that they were valued as support in the classroom.The range of experience in the room was immense from 3 months to 40 years at the school!

Over the two days we worked with 37 EYFS TAs and 25 KS1 TAs, some coming from other international schools in Singapore too. The main themes for the sessions were:

  • Developing Independence

  • Intervention Strategies

  • Leading learning activities

  • Learning Conversations

  • Commentary vs Questioning

  • Maximising learning Opportunities

Everyone was engaged and willing to join in, work together and share ideas and experiences. We worked through what is meant by independence, how it can be developed in children and also how we can hinder it as support. We shared some activities that would be useful in the classroom to support learning and learning conversations within the classroom before developing this further with questions related to Bloom's Taxonomy enabling a deeper level of learning.

Feedback was fabulous with many of the staff ‘buzzing’ to put into action some of the suggestions we worked on. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Tanglin staff and I hope to visit the school again soon to see it in action.

Thank YOU, Emma! The TLAs were truly inspired, as evidenced by the fact that on the Friday several teachers who were in school commented on how their TLAs who were on the Thurs training had been talking ten to the dozen about what they had learned and what they were going to try out in class next week! We really enjoyed hosting you, and I am sure the other schools in attendance will be inspiring colleagues and their leadership teams, too, which will hopefully get you guys some more work over here in the near future, too. We would love for you to see the school with everyone in it; it is truly a vibrant and exciting place to be during term time. :) Jo Osman - Deputy Headteacher