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We have been using the COBIS DITA for 2 years now and involved 15 TAs in total thus far.

As a school we knew a number of our TAs wanted to the possibility of further CDP opportunities. As we had already invited the TA College to run some inset course for our staff in previous years – both a local school level as well as COBIS conference level, we knew the quality of what they offer is excellent.  As COBIS associate members the TA College have been busy providing courses and support for a number of schools around the world over many years, so I was very happy to read that they were offering an online course called COBIS DITA that enables TAs to improve professionally in a six month manageable time frame. With both mandatory and optional courses, TAs were getting the professional development they really needed as well allowing them to choose areas of interest. I should say that the cost is not cheap, but it is realistic and reflects the quality of the courses offered. We all know COBIS is only keen to associate its name with quality products and services and as a school we have been very happy with the feedback we have received from those TAs taking the course.

The following exacts come from some of the TAs who have completed the six month course:

FSU TA (completing the Early Years DITA course):

The course helped me a lot in the way how to talk and listen to children better to understand each other; how to help them develop in the best way, how to choose activities supporting their development and also how to keep them safe. All six units made me think more about how I work with children and gave me the impulse to find more information regarding to improve my knowledge and skills. Thanks a lot for the opportunity to do DITA course.

DITA feedback from a Yr.1 TA:

All the things you are taught on the DITA are relevant to the day to day role of the TA. I found the DITA very useful in helping me to fully understand and support the class teacher through my daily classroom practice and interaction with the children.

DITA feedback from a Yr3 TA:

The module that was the most useful for me was Assessment for Learning. No one ever really explained or taught me what it was and how it works but I felt, with the tutored support I received, I was able to understand what it means and how I can now support the class teacher fully.

From a Heads perspective, I can already see the impact that the DITA course has had in the classroom. TAs are more confident when dealing with teachers and their students. They want to become more involved in planning and teaching as well as assessment and reporting.  They also have new ideas they wish to try out; indeed some TAs have lead sessions with staff on how to increase children’s support in the classroom in areas such as reading and mathematics. 

More than anything – TAs feel more valued as the school has invested in them!

John Bagust | Prague British School

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