6 Steps to make your qualification a breeze

Commit yourself

Any qualification requires dedication and hard work, and it’s important to understand that the more dedicated you are, and the harder you work, the easier the qualification will be. There is no magic pill unfortunately that will make this course happen – it’s down to you, but we are here to support you every step of the way, in whatever way you need us to. We understand that sometimes the unexpected can happen, and we can help you in these situations, but you need to be committed to the qualification at every step of the way.


Plan, plan, plan!

Planning is so important! You should take time at the beginning of your qualification to make sure you understand how it’s structured and what’s required, to enable you to plan. This could be planning when in your week you can dedicate to your assignments, in which order you want to work through your units or when you want to do certain practical work. Planning can also help you to avoid getting behind – if you know you’re going on holiday, and then have a birthday party and parents’ evening the following week, you can plan around those things.


Talk to your Personal Support Tutor

Your Personal Support Tutor is there for you every step of the way. Whilst you will have regular conversations booked in, you don’t have to wait for these if you have any questions or concerns. These could be about the tasks, things that are going on in school, or for any other advice and guidance. They want to help but can only do so if they know what’s going on and what you need.


Engage your setting in the qualification

You will need permission from your setting to do the qualification but having them be actively engaged in it can make a big difference. This doesn’t mean you have to meetings every week or have it be a formal process, but you should take the time to discuss elements of the course and your progress, and to actively seek out ways you can put your learning into practice.


Take care of yourself

Mindfulness is really important when undertaking any qualification, but especially an online one. You need to be aware when you need a break, when you’re feeling like you’re hitting a wall, when you need to ask for help or when you’re on a roll. It can be very easy to let a qualification become a big stress factor, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re ever struggling to take care of yourself or find the course has become a source of stress, please let your PST know.


Have a long-term plan

A qualification is only part of a longer-term plan, and it can really help to focus on what that plan is and what your goal is. Is it a career change? Is it for a promotion? Is it for your personal knowledge? Is it a stepping stone to a different area, such as SEN? It can be a huge benefit to know what your plans are after the qualification as well. Keep focused on what the goal and plan is, and use that as motivation.


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